Monday, 19 September 2011

Naked on the Shelf

From Stark Naked foods to Naked Smoothies to Naked Noodles – nudity seems to have recently flooded supermarket shelves.
Interestingly, even the visual language of these products has similarities – recurrent use of fluid, organic lines, child-like fonts, and vivid yet natural colours.

It is easy to see the thinking behind these brands. ‘Naked’ is the ultimate stamp of clean label – something that Innocent, the uncrowned king of the health beverage world, has raised the bar for. Yet apart from the health and transparency messaging, the term ‘Naked’ also works to give the brand an attitude and infuse it with a cheeky, urbane personality. A textbook case of functional/emotional benefit one might say.

However, as it becomes more prevalent, naming your product ‘Naked’ is no longer that differentiating, nor particularly interesting. Brands ought to look to new, original ways of communicating the health messages of their products in a sassy and catchy manner.

Undressed salad, anyone?

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