Saturday, 10 December 2011

Confessions of a Londoner: aka the genius of the Duracell Portable Charger

Oh, the perils of the iPhone battery running out when one is away from home... Sophisticated and adaptable beings we may be, but being forced to survive in the midst of the the urban jungle without a GPS or Night-bus app (let alone voice calling) fills us with a primitive panic.

Sadly, as handsets become more indispensable – and therefore more used – so the time available before charging decreases. The problem isn’t limited to Apple fans: the majority of smartphone users will appreciate the inevitable compromise made between technological sophistication and battery life.

With the introduction of its branded portable charger, Duracell has identified and met a critical need among a small but rapidly growing proportion of smartphone users. In doing so, it has begun to extend its footprint beyond the declining category of alkaline batteries into a new category that’s growing as rapidly as technology is changing.

Full marks, Duracell.