Friday, 19 October 2012

Enhancing Customer Experience Through Infographics: What 3 and Wonga Have in Common

Infographics are growing in popularity and stature, but their potential to enhance customer experience is still largely untapped.  Any brand that has to present its customers with complex quantitative data would benefit from doing so in a more user-friendly way.

Telecoms company 3 has just launched an app-based tool that allows its subscribers in Sweden to view their bill data and mobile usage in a funky interactive graphic funky interactive graphic form. In other words, it has turned a customer pain point of trawling through incomprehensible bills into a user-friendly, pleasurable experience. This is a great hallmark for a youthful and irreverent brand like 3, helping to differentiate its offer from that of other telecoms providers. 

Utilities and financial services brands could similarly make their customers’ lives easier by portraying bills and offers in a visual, straight forward and interactive manner. Wonga seems to have caught on to this with their simple loan calculator that takes complexity and confusion out of the application. 

The categories that could make best use of such visualization – telecoms, utilities and financial services – are not renowned for their customer-centricity. Which is precisely why they ought to take notice of this powerful tool.